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‘Gluten-free’ labels now FDA regulated

The Food and Drug Administration announced early August, 2013 that gluten free labels on food products are required to have only trace amounts of gluten.

A gluten-free diet has exploded in popularity in recent years, creating a billion dollar market for food products that cater to the diet.  However, not all ‘Gluten-Free’ foods were true, as they contained barley, wheat, and rye; all of which contain the gluten protein.  Celiac Disease is caused by a sensitivity to gluten and affects villi (tiny, finger-like stalks) in the small intestine.  Normally, the villi make it possible for the small intestine to absorb nutrients from the food we eat.  But celiac disease damages the villi and as a result, which then cannot take in the nutrients bodies need.  Celiac disease cannot be cured, however, you can manage the disease by removing gluten from your diet.  If you want to learn more about Celiac Disease, visit our Celiac Disease Treatment Page.

The challenge lies in finding the proper foods.  Now, with required labeling enforced, Celiac patients have more options than ever.  According to Journal News, “last year, sales of gluten-free products hit $4.2 billion, nearly triple what they were in 2008.  Sales are expected to rise to $6.2 billion by 2018, according to industry predictions.”

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