About Granite Peaks Gastroenterology

GI Specialists

For cardiac concerns, you trust a cardiologist. For a broken bone, you see an orthopedic surgeon. Similarly, your gastrointestinal concerns are best-entrusted to a GI Specialist. Unlike doctors from other specialties who perform GI procedures without specialty training in gastroenterology, GI doctors train for years on endoscopy and the conditions being evaluated. With a colonoscopy, for example, research shows that gastroenterologists are more likely to evaluate the entire colon for colon disease and detect what’s wrong, and their patients experience fewer complications.

Compassionate care & Impeccable service

We believe caring is essential in healthcare, and it shows. We give you the personal care and attentive service we expect for ourselves and our loved ones. We provide a comfortable environment and make sure you’re seen by one of our gastroenterology doctors each time you’re here. We’re also accustomed and sensitive to patients who are nervous or upset. We take pride in treating everyone with the kindness, honesty, and respect they deserve.

Focused relief & resolution, not procedures

The gastrointestinal tract is a complex system that can be affected by a number of disorders producing similar symptoms. Intestinal problems can be subtle and difficult to understand. Because of this, we won’t narrowly focus on one particular procedure or treatment, but on understanding and resolving your unique problem. We start by listening to our patients carefully and investigating all their symptoms thoroughly. While we do perform procedures, we look for the treatment that’s best for you, not for us. Because one-of-a-kind problems don’t benefit from one-size-fits-all care.

Get Your Life Back

The doctors and staff at Granite Peaks want all of our patients to live with their own best  possible health. Our goal is to provide you with the care and information you need so you can get back to what you love.