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What is a Hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoid treatment is close at hand at the Utah Hemorrhoid Center at Granite Peaks Gastroenterology, your answer to permanent relief from hemorrhoids

Everyone has hemorrhoids, but we do not usually refer to them as such until they become problematic. Hemorrhoids are blood vessels located around the outside of the anus and extending inside the anal canal approximately 2 inches. These blood vessels can pull away from the internal wall of the rectum, becoming dilated, overfilled with blood and can create an obstacle for stool to normally pass through the rectum.

A patient could have internal and external hemorrhoids which can worsen with time and activity. About 50% of men and women have hemorrhoids by age 50. Pregnancy, heavy lifting or prolonged sitting and other activities can contribute to the development of hemorrhoids. In most cases, banding is the most effective, least invasive treatment option. An evaluation with an experienced gastroenterology specialist is the first step to determining the right treatment for you.

Hemorrhoid Banding – Relief in Just 60 Seconds

During the brief hemorrhoid banding treatment procedure at the Utah Hemorrhoid Center, a small band is placed around the base of the internal hemorrhoid in an area where there are few pain-sensitive nerve-endings. You may require up to three treatments. Effective treatment for your hemorrhoids is so fast, you can do it on your lunch break.

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