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Intestinal problems & irregular bowel habits

If you experience intestinal problems and irregular bowel habits, it can indicate a serious problem or disorder that requires attention. Although it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing to discuss, our specialists and staff are dedicated to treating each patient with discretion and compassion.

Irregular bowel habits refer to anything that is out of the norm for you and for which there is no other explanation. This can include diarrhea or loose stools, constipation, urgency in need for elimination or change in stool consistency.

At Granite Peaks Gastroenterology, our physicians discuss your medical history as well as any other symptoms you may be experiencing. In most cases, a physical exam will also be necessary. After the initial exam, your physician may suggest additional testing such as stool testing, blood testing and perhaps image testing, to look inside your digestive tract. Treatment depends upon diagnosis but most likely includes dietary changes.

Granite Peaks Gastroenterology has offices located in Salt Lake and Utah counties to conveniently serve you.