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Originally posted on 5/10/20121
Updated on 5/11/2022


Women’s Health Week

Self-care is about more than kicking up your feet at the end of the day and sipping tea for a few moments of relaxation. There are many ways to take great care of yourself and teach your loved ones to do the same.



Getting enough rest helps your body recharge to better handle the stresses of life. It also helps prevent excess weight gain, improves mood, improves heart health, helps prevent illness, and boosts mood and brain function. Life is just better when you are well-rested.



Eat good-for-you foods that feed your body and soul. Getting the right nutrients in delicious, healthy foods supports body function, muscle and brain function and overall health. Your gastrointestinal health depends on it, as well as your heart, bones and teeth. Good nutrition also helps control diabetes and reduces the risk of some cancers, including colorectal cancer.


Mind Your Mind

Give yourself positive, loving feedback to put your head in a peaceful place. Don’t you deserve to hear the same loving language that you offer to your family and friends? Providing loving support for yourself, asking for the things you need from others and reducing your contact with negativity all help you gain self-confidence and self-love, which goes a long way toward being your best, healthy self.



Achieving meaningful health benefits from exercise does not necessarily mean 60 minutes of hard-core sweat-drenched cardio. Even 10 minutes at a time, a few times a day, is beneficial. Depending on your age and health, start small and work your way up. Exercise improves muscle tone and bone strength, helps keeps weight in check, improves blood pressure and heart health, keeps joints and muscles moving freely, and improves mood and depression. Even a little is better than none.


Health Visits

You are an important part of your family, so take care of you! Make a date for your annual physical to ensure that your important systems are on-track. If you are 45 or older, get your colonoscopy done!  Don’t miss or delay your mammograms or PAP tests. If you’re suffering with hemorrhoids, chronic heartburn or abdominal pain, get them checked out before it becomes worse. If you are unsure whether a change or symptom is important, ask your healthcare provider. They will know whether you need further evaluation or if you can put your mind at rest.


If you are experiencing digestive health problems, it is time to check in with a gastroenterologist. Your gut takes care of a lot of important functions in your body, so don’t ignore its signals. Call the gastrointestinal specialists at Granite Peaks GI to keep your digestive health on track. Request an appointment today!