Suprep Colon Preparation

Purchase the Following Products:

  • Suprep Bowel Prep Kit or substitution available at your pharmacy (follow mixing instructions provided with product).


Please read all instructions thoroughly.
Call us immediately at 801‐619‐1115
if you have severe allergies to soy beans or eggs.

The Day BEFORE Your Exam:

  • STOP all solid foods. NO SOLID FOOD until after your exam.
  • Beginning with a clear liquid breakfast, continue to drink at least 8 glasses (64 oz) of CLEAR liquids throughout the day and evening. Clear liquids include: Water, sports drinks, black coffee, tea, any soda (light or dark), broth, Jell-O, popsicles, and juice without pulp. NOTHING RED OR PURPLE.
  • At 5:30 PM Pour ONE bottle of the Suprep mixture into the mixing container provided in the kit. Add cool drinking water to the 16 ounce line and mix. Drink ALL the liquid in the container. You MUST drink TWO more 16 ounce containers of water over the next 1 hour. If using generic prep, drink half the container over 1‐2 hours.
  • Continue drinking additional clear liquids throughout the evening.
  • A soothing ointment (Desitin, Vaseline) may be applied to the anal area to prevent discomfort and skin breakdown.

The Day of Your Exam:

  • Four (4) hours before your arrival time, pour the second bottle of the Suprep mixture into the mixing container and repeat instructions listed above. If using generic prep, drink last half of the container over 1‐2 hours.
  • NOTHING BY MOUTH FOR 2 HOURS BEFORE YOU ARRIVE! (This includes water, gum and mints. NOTHING by mouth.)
  • Bowel movements should be very watery and yellow or green in color. CALL US IF STOOLS ARE STILL BROWN!


  • Take regularly prescribed medications at least two (2) hours before you arrive. If you have an inhaler, please bring it with you.


  • DO NOT take oral diabetic medication or insulin the morning of your procedure. Bring your insulin with you.
  • Test your blood sugar before coming in for your procedure and bring the reading with you.
  • Please contact the physician that manages your diabetic care if you have any questions regarding your oral medication or insulin dosages.

Blood Thinners:

  • If you are taking blood thinners, call your prescribing physician and ask if you may stop taking the medication for the required amount of time prior to your procedure.
  • You may continue taking aspirin, ibuprofen and other anti‐inflammatory medications.

Bring with You:

  • Complete Registration Forms
  • Photo ID and Insurance Card
  • List of all medications, vitamins and supplements you are taking (include dosage and last date and time each medication was taken before your arrival)
  • Wear a short‐sleeved shirt

Arrive at the Granite Peaks Endoscopy Center at your scheduled time. Please call us at 801‐619‐9000 if you have any questions regarding your preparation.