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Nutrition for Seniors with Celiac Disease

By Chrissy Weaver, PA-C

It isn’t uncommon for seniors to have difficulty getting enough of the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Many seniors don’t eat large quantities of food and may not have an appetite for some of the foods they used to eat. Medications can play a role in the lost appeal of some foods, and sometimes foods simply don’t taste the same.

How Age Affects Those with Celiac Disease

For most people, the appetite decreases with advancing age and decreased activity. Add the need to stay within a gluten-free diet to this and good nutrition may become a challenge. Celiac patients of any age face a challenge getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to remain healthy with some of the limits to their diet. If a celiac patient does not follow a gluten-free diet, the gut cannot properly absorb nutrients which could lead to or exacerbate osteoporosis, joint pain, narrowing of the intestine, neuropathy and other health risks. Preventing this damage to the body and the discomfort it causes, along with achieving proper absorption of nutrients, are the goals of a gluten-free diet.

Meal Plans for Celiac Patients

Luckily, with more gluten-free food options available than ever before, it isn’t difficult to develop a balanced approach to good celiac-friendly nutrition. The Celiac Foundation offers many individual gluten-free recipes along with full 7-day meal plans for adults, seniors, kids and diabetics. Even if you are an old pro, it’s always worth looking for new ways to refresh your food choices and ensure you get the nutrition you need to stay strong and healthy throughout your life.

The specialists at Granite Peaks Gastroenterology in Sandy or Lehi, Utah, help their patients with celiac develop a dietary plan that promotes overall good health. If you need help adjusting your diet, or if you suspect you may have a gluten allergy, contact the celiac specialists at Granite Peaks GI for an evaluation.

This link will take you to the Celiac Disease Foundation site, where you can find help with a dietary plan and find new recipes to keep everyone in your family on the right track, including those with celiac disease.