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Granite Peaks Gastroenterology Celebrates 15 Years of Healthcare Excellence


Granite Peaks Gastroenterology plaque celebrating 15 years


In the summer of 2007 three gastroenterologists, Andrew Heiner, MD, Steven Desautels, MD, Christopher Cutler, MD Granite Peaks established Gastroenterology and Endoscopy. Their vision was to provide exceptional patient care in a compassionate environment. With the support of their nursing and medical staff, they opened their own private gastroenterology and endoscopy practice.

Soon after, J. David Schmidt, MD, R. Kyle Barnett, MD, and James M. Stewart, MD joined the partnership with their common goal to practice medicine that is focused on excellence and personalized care.

As we have grown, adding new providers and locations, Granite Peaks now offers services in both Sandy and Lehi, with even our newest office expanding to accommodate our growth and our 14 providers.


Progress in Colon Cancer Screening

In March 2000, The National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance, established by Katie Couric and in partnership with the Entertainment Industry Foundation, harnessed the power of Couric’s celebrity status to shine a spotlight on the importance of colon cancer screening at age 50. With the latest research, we now know age 45 is the age to start screening for average-risk individuals and earlier for those with a family history of colon cancer.

In 2000, the percentage of adults of screening age who were up to date with their colon cancer screening was around 38% of adults 50 and older. As of 2020, we average 70%, nationwide.

Granite Peaks educates and screens patients for this preventable, treatable, and beatable disease, the second most common cancer killer of men and women in the United States. As screening numbers increase, colorectal cancer mortality rates decrease. Early detection and removal of polyps have been a literal lifesaver for many people. That is why Granite Peaks employs a “recall” program, contacting our patients to remind them when they are due for their colon cancer screening or any other important gastrointestinal healthcare appointments.


New Technology and Treatment Options

As a gastroenterology group, Granite Peaks provides care and services for a variety of digestive health issues. The advances made in digestive medicine in the past 15 years are significant. We stay abreast of new technologies and treatment techniques, and our participation in research for our specialty keeps us at the forefront of emerging digestive health treatments.

  • Heartburn and acid reflux measurement and treatment. Our Bravo pH monitor helps people for whom acid reflux medications have been ineffective.
  • Granite Peaks participates in several research studies to investigate various gastrointestinal conditions including NASH, celiac disease, erosive esophagitis, non-erosive reflux and others, to help develop new treatment options.
  • Research has found that botulinum A toxin injections can be used to aid healing of rectal fissures and calm spasms. We offer this service at our endoscopy center.
  • Capsule endoscopies capture pictures of the small intestine to help with accurate diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting this normally difficult-to-see organ.
  • We are now able to determine the level of liver health in patients with a simple, external imaging procedure done in our office. Our FibroScan® liver test shows the presence and extent of liver damage in moments. There is no biopsy required, as in years past.
  • Hemorrhoid treatment became a simple, in-office procedure for many people, with the help of a unique banding device and technique.

Many more advancements are improving patient care and treatment, providing the information needed to make accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions. Our knowledge of proven advancements in medical treatment helps us offer the best options for our patients. At Granite Peaks Gastroenterology, we share information and encourage our patients’ engagement in their healthcare to achieve their best digestive health.


We look forward to the next 15 years of medical advances and treatments for gastrointestinal conditions with constant focus on improving our patients’ lives.