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Support Your Health This Summer

Staying healthy seems easier in the summer. There are fewer cold and flu germs around.  More fruits and vegetables are at their delicious best, the weather beckons you outdoors to have fun while you’re out exercising, you may feel more energetic from all that beautiful sunshine.

If you suffer with IBS, IBD or any gastrointestinal issues that prevent you from eating some of the healthy foods discussed here, talk with your Granite Peaks doctor for recommendations suited for your individual needs that will support you feeling your healthy best.

Try some of these tips during this active time of year.

Eat Clean – prepare your own food and ditch the pre-made, pre-packaged convenience products. They’re loaded with hidden fats, sugar and chemicals that do you no good. Change out some old favorites. Exchange Greek yogurt in place of mayo, use nut flours instead of wheat, use honey or maple syrup instead of cane sugar, try coconut milk blended with frozen fruit to replace ice cream.

Eat Fat – Yes, fats are good for you. Cook with healthy oils such as avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil. Eat avocados, regular yogurt (not low-fat), eggs, fish, nuts. The right fats are good for you, prevent insulin spikes and help you feel satisfied after a meal.

Plan Meals – this sounds like a drag, but if you spend a little time shopping for and preparing the next few days’ meals or components for meals and snacks, it makes your week easier and you’ll spend less. Just grab and go. Suddenly, there are no excuses for not choosing the healthy snack that’s all ready for you in the fridge and you’ll smile at how well you’re caring for yourself.

Cut Back on Liquor – If it’s hot enough to sweat, water is what your body truly craves. This is a high-entertainment season and a sparkling water with fruit or just a splash of your favorite juice is festive and refreshing. Give your body and your liver, a break. You may see a difference in your sleep, your belly and your cognitive abilities, not to mention you could lower blood sugar spikes. If you really want a drink, try a white wine spritzer for a healthy dose of mineral or sparkling water with just a splash of wine.

Fruits and Vegetables are the Key – They are delicious this time of year! Eat as many vegetables as you can and enjoy the taste of fresh summer fruit all season. Fill your plate with these goodies first and minimize the meat and carbs portions.

Move – walk, run, swim, golf, bike, play ball, dance, garden, play with the kids. Any type of movement and exercise is better for you than plopping in front of the television. If it’s too hot to move, slide into the pool and enjoy the cool while your arms and legs get a workout under the water.

Good habits support your overall health and well-being and summer is the perfect time to try something new. Enjoy this time of year and use summer’s magical powers, and these tips, to help you stay healthy while you’re enjoying the best the season has to offer.