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Lifestyle Decisions That Lead to Good Liver Health


You have the power to make a positive difference in your liver and overall health by making smart decisions, being cautious and eating well.

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Maintain a healthy weight

Avoid Toxins

Use Safe Hygiene Practices



Do you know what your liver does for you every day? Your liver does a lot of the heavy lifting to keep your body’s systems running well. It produces and filters your blood, breaking down and it processes nutrients and drugs into more usable, nontoxic forms. Your liver health is critical for your ongoing health. What can you do to help your liver to help you?


Maintain a Healthy Weight

Did you know that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is one of the fastest-growing liver diseases? Being overweight or obese can increase your risk of developing fatty liver disease. Eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly, in addition to just being good for your health in general, can further help reduce the risk of NAFLD.


Avoid Toxins

Avoid Toxins
Give yourself a head start on good liver health by avoiding toxins in your body.
• Don’t smoke and avoid second-hand smoke.
• Avoid or limit alcohol intake.
• Avoid illicit drugs.
• Minimize your exposure to aerosol products, insecticides, and chemicals. If you are frequently around these sorts of products, wear a mask in a well-ventilated area to help protect your liver.


Use Safe Hygiene Practices

Little things that you may have grown up thinking were fine can be dangerous for your body.
• Avoid sharing hygiene products like razors, nail clippers, and toothbrushes.
• Properly and frequently wash your hands.
• Seek medical attention if you come into contact with someone else’s blood.
• Get your Hepatitis vaccines to protect yourself against Hep A&B.

Your liver filters your blood. Introducing contaminants through cuts, gums, unclean hands, or mucous membranes is inviting infection and is a threat to your overall health. The choices you make can help you protect your liver.


There will always be threats to your health that you may not be able to control. However, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding toxins, and using safe hygiene practices can help you protect yourself from unnecessary infection and contamination. If you need extra help, you can always turn to the gastroenterologists at Granite Peaks Gastroenterology.


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