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Hemorrhoid Prevention – 3 Simple Ways to Keep Hemorrhoids at Bay

Hemorrhoids hemorrhoids February 16, 2021

Preventing hemorrhoids from occurring in the first place is the best, first attempt at hemorrhoid care. 50% of Americans by the age of 50 experience the discomfort of hemorrhoids. Although the Utah Hemorrhoid Center at Granite Peaks Gastroenterology specializes in non-surgical treatment for internal hemorrhoids, if possible, we would love our patients to avoid experiencing hemorrhoid pain altogether.


Avoid an abundance of foods that cause constipation, which can irritate hemorrhoids. Too many low- fiber foods such as white breads, pasta, rice, cheese, and canned vegetables without skin can lead to constipation. Fiber-rich foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains and dried fruits are all part of a healthy diet that keeps the gut running smoothly. Using gentle fiber supplements are a smart addition to your diet if you just can’t seem to get enough fiber from the foods you eat. Ask one of the providers at Granite Peaks Gastroenterology for the safest way to start using fiber supplements.


Sitting too much and not exercising encourages your gut to become inactive in the same way it encourages your other muscles to become weak and ineffective. Exercise encourages your bowel to move in the same way it strengthens your muscles and makes activity easier throughout the body.


Adequate hydration is an important part of general health and it is critical to avoiding constipation. Water makes it easier for the bowel to move stool through and out of the body. Staying well-hydrated helps the gut do its job and avoid a back-up at the body’s exit.

Avoid, or postpone, hemorrhoid discomfort by incorporating these simple changes into daily life.  If you are already having hemorrhoid pain or discomfort, see one of our specialists at the Utah Hemorrhoid Center at Granite Peaks Gastroenterology today for quick, easy, non-surgical treatment of internal hemorrhoids.