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Healthy Aging Starts Now

Healthy Aging, Self care May 25, 2022

Aging well takes a bit of planning to support a healthy, fun, and active lifestyle. No matter your age now, schedule your healthy habits alongside your fun for your best future.

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Healthy Aging Starts Now

Socialization Boosts Your Mental and Emotional Health

Keep Your Body in Motion



Healthy Aging Starts Now

What we did in our youth may have set the stage for how we age. Old injuries, lifestyle or hereditary health issues can bring new concerns. However, working to remain physically, mentally and socially active have a positive impact on your overall health.

As always, consult your physician before beginning any exercise or health regimen to avoid injury or negative health results.

Keep your healthcare appointments! Schedule your appointments for your primary care physician, dentist, eye doctor and any specialists you see. Remember, your digestive health is critical to keeping you feeling your best so don’t ignore those colonoscopy reminders or acid reflux follow-ups. This is the perfect time to ask your gastroenterologist about any changes you have noticed or advice to keep you on the right track to feel your best.

Meal plan to maintain good nutrition and a healthy weight. Maintaining a healthy weight helps your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It also helps you feel less weighed down and more likely to enjoy physical activity. Cooking classes are a fun way to learn more about healthy eating with your partner or friends.

Limit alcohol consumption. Older adults can be more susceptible to alcohol abuse or dependence, so be vigilant about increased consumption with your new, relaxed lifestyle.


Socialization Boosts Your Mental and Emotional Health

Schedule lunch to stay in touch with friends or family members you rarely see. If you can’t make it out for a visit, stay in touch by phone or video chat with those you care about. Your friends and family would love to receive a letter or email from you.

Keep up with current events. You’ll always have something to talk about and it keeps your mind sharp and engaged. The daily puzzles in the paper challenge your brain.

Schedule Fun Time with Friends. Get together for hobbies or games, or just watch a show together. Keep the chat going while you’re enjoying a shared activity. Learning a new skill or hobby can be beneficial to your memory skills.


Keep Your Body in Motion

Have Fun and Play Together. Your golf, tennis, pickleball, walking, swimming or ping pong sessions are doubly fun when you can enjoy them with friends. You’re also less likely to cancel when you have committed to join someone else.

Move at Home. Develop a new habit to get at least 10-15 minutes per day of strength, flexibility and balance training on the days you can’t get to the gym. There are various programs available online and through your insurance carrier may also have online programs or low- to no-cost community center activities.

Outings That “Move” You. Get the things you’ve waited to “have time” to do on your calendar. Your favorite music, performing arts and museums are waiting to dazzle you. The zoo, beautiful gardens, and national parks are open, and they’re sights that keep you moving while you enjoy them.


Be realistic and patient with yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others, or to you at age 35. Your best health depends on the help you give yourself, and the help you get from your healthcare team. Granite Peaks Gastroenterology is happy to be part of your healthcare team to help you achieve your best health.