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A technologically advanced pill-size camera records images of the small intestine, and allows for diagnosis of disorders that can affect the small intestine. Capsule endoscopy is the “gold standard” for small bowel visualization.

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Pillcam Description

Pillcam endoscopy (capsule endoscopy) is a special technique for looking inside your GI tract and is particularly useful in looking at the small intestine. It uses a small, pill-sized video capsule that you swallow. The capsule contains a miniature video camera with a transmitter, batteries and a light source that allows a painless, less invasive exam of your small intestine. The camera sends multiple images to a recording device you wear around your waist. The capsule is designed for single use and the disposal will not harm the environment or your home plumbing. Pillcam endoscopy is used both as a diagnostic procedure and to monitor the progress of treatment.

A member of our team will place the recording patches on your abdomen, which will be connected by wires to the recording device worn around your waist. You will swallow the capsule while standing at the facility. You’ll then be allowed to leave and go about your regular routine. You’ll need to record your activities and sensations, as well as when you eat and drink. A small light on the device will indicate that it is recording test data. After 8 hours you will return to the facility so that we can remove the device.

Granite Peaks will give you the results of the procedure a few days after the test. The capsule will continue to pass through your system and will be eliminated through a normal bowel movement typically within 1-3 three days following the procedure. You’ll need to watch to make sure you pass the device, but there is no need to retrieve it.

Granite Peaks has offices in Salt Lake and Utah Counties to conveniently serve you.

There are some important things you’ll want to take to prepare for the procedure and help your physician get the information it will provide.

Provide a complete list of medications and supplements.

Inform your physician of any drug allergies.

Inform your physician of any previous abdominal surgeries, difficulty swallowing or histories of obstructions.

You'll need to fast for a period of time before the procedure, and these instructions will be given to you.

Male patients may need to shave the area around the navel.

Do not take any medication in the 2 hours before your test.

Do not smoke for at least 24 hours prior to the procedures.

There can be a few side effects which you will need to report to your physician immediately:

  • a fever developed after swallowing the capsule
  • difficulty swallowing
  • vomiting
  • increasing chest or abdominal pain