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Holiday dinner with family

The Holidays are on the Way - Keep Your Gut Health in Check!

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High school boys laughing together while eating lunch in cafeteria

Great Choices for Your Teen with Celiac Disease

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NAFLD healthy foods to eat

My Doctor Diagnosed Me with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. What Can I Do?

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Stress and Your Digestive System

September 30, 2021 READ MORE

Dr. R. Kyle Barnett will speak at the 37th annual Snowbird CME Conference on August 8th, at 9:30am. Topic: Gastritis vs. Ulcers Visit their website for more information about Dr. Barnett and the Conference: The conference starts August 7th and goes through August 9th.  

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Sticking up for Your Health Finding a Doctor That Does the Same After years of contending with a digestive disorder and experience with a range of doctors who treat Gastroenterology Intestinal (GI) condition, Vicki Lee has honed in on what matters most in the care she receives.  Proactive in managing her own health, Vicki encourages […]

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By Christopher S. Cutler, MD How do you know when heartburn or “indigestion” is something more and needs to be treated? The gastroenterology specialists at Granite Peaks GI take time with their patients to determine if such symptoms may be a result of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). One of the red flags is heartburn occurring more than twice a […]

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