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Hemorrhoid Banding

Get quick & lasting relief for hemorrhoids.

If you experience the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids, you’re not alone. About 50% of Americans* will have hemorrhoids at some point in their lifetime. And by the time these people seek a doctor’s help, they really need it. But this doesn’t mean you need hemorrhoids surgery. In fact, surgical treatment is inappropriate for most hemorrhoids... especially given the inherent risks, pain and downtime. Yet, you do need treatment. Because, without it, your hemorrhoids will return. And they will worsen over time.
*American Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons

The standard of care for hemorrhoids treatment.

Today, the most common hemorrhoids treatment is rubber-band ligation, or banding hemorrhoids. In fact, while it isn’t surgery at all, it is the most common “surgical” procedure, with roughly 50 million performed worldwide each year. Ligation treats more than 95% of all hemorrhoids and is as effective as surgical hemorrhoids removal... and both safer for and easier on you. Many consider it the best treatment for hemorrhoids.

Protecting your comfort, safety & health.

At Granite Peaks Gastroenterology, the Salt Lake Valley’s first GI practice to offer hemorrhoid banding, we use a patented ligation system that cuts off the hemorrhoid’s blood supply more quickly, comfortably and accurately than other methods. There is significantly less post-procedure pain and bleeding than hemorrhoids surgery. And studies show excellent long-term results.

More control for an easier experience for you.

The patented device we use gives us maximum control of the suction needed to grab the hemorrhoid tissue. The device itself is smaller and more comfortable than other devices, so your hemorrhoids are banded with unprecedented safety and ease.

For more information about how banding hemorrhoids can free you from hemorrhoid pain and discomfort with outstanding long-term results, call today!

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