Diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis

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Ulcerative Colitis (UC) is a disease process that requires an accurate diagnosis to ensure symptoms truly indicate UC, not another condition, and to determine the severity of the condition. Your Granite Peaks gastroenterologist will first perform a physical examination and a detailed discussion of your medical history and symptoms.

From there, they will determine what other forms of testing may be required to accurately diagnose and assess your condition.

Possible Tests Needed for Accurate Diagnosis:

  • Blood Tests – looking for inflammation markers or anemia
  • Stool Test – checking for intestinal infection
  • Colonoscopy – visual exam of the colon and rectal tissue for signs of damage
  • Imaging tests (if needed) such as X-ray and CT scan

Your gastroenterology specialist will start with the least invasive tests and work through the process to gather enough information for an appropriate diagnosis. They will then help you learn to manage symptoms while providing treatment to help the colon heal.

Granite Peaks Gastroenterology physicians perform endoscopic procedures in our Endoscopy Center located in Sandy, Utah and in our Lehi Clinic located in Mountain Point Medical Center in Lehi, Utah. We have same-week appointments available to provide testing more quickly.