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Treatment of Hepatitis C

You and your doctor will decide the best treatment for you based on the condition of your liver, the form (genotype) you have, and your overall health. There are now treatments available that can cure it more than 90% of the time with minimal side effects.

Hepatitis C antiviral treatment usually lasts from 12-24 weeks depending on your genotype, the amount of scarring in your liver, and your response to previous therapy. Currently available medications include:

  • Harvoni for genotypes 1 and 4
  • Viekira Pak for genotype 1
  • Sovaldi and ribavirin combination for genotypes 2 and 3

In addition to medication, your doctor will have recommendations for recovery and preventing further infection and damage to your liver, as well as protecting your loved ones who may be at risk of infection.

Plan to get vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B, avoid alcohol and liver-damaging medications and substances, and make some lifestyle changes to protect yourself and others with whom you have close contact.

In extreme cases of liver damage, a liver transplant may be necessary in conjunction with antiviral therapy, but this is something only your doctor can determine with proper diagnostic testing.

There are more options than ever for treating Hepatitis C with positive outcomes. Talk to your Granite Peaks gastroenterologist for the right options for your condition.