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September 11, 2023

Gastrointestinal issues are not only uncomfortable but may also indicate more serious underlying conditions. One of the key diagnostic tools in the field of gastroenterology is endoscopy. This procedure allows healthcare providers to visualize inside the gastrointestinal tract, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions. But what exactly is endoscopy, and how does […]

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By Dr. Steven G. Desautels Dysphagia refers to difficulty swallowing. Dysphagia can be subdivided into: oropharyngeal dysphagia and esophageal dysphagia. Oropharyngeal dysphagia is characterized by difficulty initiating a swallow, transferring the food bolus or liquid into the esophagus, and/or the association of coughing and choking during attempted meal consumption. Many disorders cause oropharyngeal dysphagia (see […]

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